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    Amp + streamer options for Elac Deb. Ref. 62?

    I'm pleased with the speakers. I ended up with: Streamer: Argon Solo (could have been a chromecast audio but I found this to a bargain price) Dac: E50 Amp: PA5 I use the remote for the E50 to adjust volume. The Argon Solo is a wireless unit and have worked fully so far. No sub so far...
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    MiniDSP SHD Studio

    What dacs do you guys use with your SHD Studio? It would be nice if they fit nicely size wise.
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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    I ordered this dac and the PA5 amplifier. I forgot the fact that I would like to connect a subwoofer later on. Is the E50 capable of output signal in both balanced and unbalanced at the same time in preamp mode? That would solve it for me. If not I would be happy for other suggestions on how...
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    Amp + streamer options for Elac Deb. Ref. 62?

    Hi, I'm rather new to ASR. By coincidence I got a pair of speakers recommended by this forum, the Elac Debut Reference 62. I'm gonna use them for a dining room setup. Now I'm looking for something to drive them and I want: - Small in size - Support for Chromecast and Roon - Preferably support...
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    Monoprice Flat Adhesive Super Slim Speaker Wires... what's your view, is it a decent cable? The idea isn't totally stupid.

    For your information. I asked their support if this cable would become available from their EU site and got the following reply: "The product is not certified for the EU market and there are currently no plans to sell it here. However, we are getting more and more enquiries for various US...
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    Khadas Tea - New smartphone dac and amplifier

    Not a lot of information yet. But might be a bit interesting:
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    DAC and amp dongle that also charges through USB-C? (use in car)

    Hi, I'd like to find a dongle to use in my car. I have a Hidizs S9, but would like to be able to charge the phone at the same time. It would just drain my phone if I used it in my car with the screen on. Any suggestions? Is there suitable dac and amp combinations with power input and output...
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    Headphone adapter kits, multi cable kits, available alternatives?

    Hi! I have three headphone amps and couple of headphones. They all have different outputs and cable connectors. I've been searching for cable kits / adapter kits. The ones I've seen is Hart Audio cables: What alternatives is there out there...
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    Allo Boss2 Review (Stereo Streamer)

    I just got one of these bare units in acrylic. I'm kind of new to the Raspberry pi4 and have a few questions: -I'd like to add a wifi dongle and at home I have a wifi 6 (ax) compatible network. Is there any suitable wifi dongles compatible with pi4 and supporting wifi 6? If the answer is no...
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    Hidizs S9 Pro release

    Strange. It says in the product information: "The four-pin mini-XLR connection allows compatibility with balanced cables" Anyways, I shouldn't bother this tread more with headphone specifics.
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    Hidizs S9 Pro release

    Really? In that case I'll have to look into how to do that. Thanks.
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    Hidizs S9 Pro release

    Hi, I have the Beyerdynamic dt177x go headphones and recently bought the S9 pro. Do you guys have any recommendations regarding a decent balanced cable to fit this dongle. Four-pin mini-XLR connection in the headphone end...
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    Small amp with subwoofer output?

    Thanks. It looks quite interesting. So does it's brother, the A20a.
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    Small amp with subwoofer output?

    Hi, I'd like something small but decent to power my Wharfedale D225 (small speakers) and D10 (sub) I'll mount on my porch. Any suggestions? Does any of those Chinese budget class D amps have a sub output? Not to bulky and pricy. Thanks in advance. Regards,Christian
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