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    Floor-standing under $3k?

    Measurements on the Paradigm Prestige line are not the best: In general, Paradigm speakers don’t measure that well...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Not an amazing deal by any means, but the new AKG 371 are on sale for 10% off their already reasonable list price of $149: They are measured to track the Harman curve and I’ve been impressed with their ergonomics and build quality.
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    IEMs close to Harman curve?

    I have a hunch about which IEMs Amir is referring to: the AKG N5005. They track the harman curve quite well according to Oratory's measurements & calculated listener preference rating: N5005.pdf?dl=0 Amir mentioned that the IEMs were expensive, and...
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    Shootout - Superb Measuring cheap DAC against hi-end DAC - measuring tool - the "ears"

    What do you mean by “revealing”? When I see someone use that term, it puts me on alert because it has no agreed upon meaning and is often used to explain away an inability to distinguish options in blind testing. The speakers you’ve promoted as being “revealing” have inaccurate frequency...
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    Should we (I) get into speaker testing & measurement

    I didn’t mean to imply that traffic wasn’t healthy, and I do think it’s something you should try. That said, my hunch is that because this is a very topic specific website, you could likely earn better ad revenues through targeted deals than through AdSense and that AdSense revenue alone is...
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    Should we (I) get into speaker testing & measurement

    For a niche site like ASR that has relatively low traffic, Adsense is never going to generate the kind of revenue necessary to fund a project like this. YouTube is also part of Adsense and CPMs are extremely low - nearly all professional YouTube content creators make the majority of their income...
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    Should we (I) get into speaker testing & measurement

    I think we should start discussing funding schemes that will allow ASR to raise the requisite funds for a Klippel system. Ideas Write to companies whose devices have measured well on this site (e.g. Topping, SMSL, Benchmark, etc.,) to see if they have any interest in sponsoring this project...
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    Massdrop Airist R2R DAC Review

    Turns out there’s a good reason for the Airist R2R’s performance, they were inspired by TotalDAC! A quote from William Tse, Airist Founder: “In the earliest development stages of our R-2R DAC, we were inspired by existing high quality implementations such as the MSB and TotalDAC products.”...
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    Some practical annoyances of audio gear

    This is another reason it’s such a tragedy that many reviews devote so much space to describing “sound quality”. They leave out evaluations of things like device usability & company support. It seems like the majority of streamer & amplifier reviews completely gloss over usability (e.g. how well...
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    A warning. There is a new web article going aroud that is a crock of schmidt.

    Some supporting evidence of this point. A quote from a self-published “research” paper of his: “This document has an unorthodox structure to accomplish an unorthodox goal: presenting the scaffolding for a zero-parameter Unified Theory of Life inside several dozen pages.”...
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    Product Overview: Revel F35

    I agree 100% - that was a big factor in my purchase decision. Aside from my couch, the speakers are the most prominent piece of furniture in my living room :)
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    Product Overview: Revel F35

    If you’re willing to go used the F206 is the easy option. You can usually get a pair in pristine condition for ~$2200 shipped. The PSB are well reviewed and measure well, but I’ve never heard them. The F35/F36 are definitely a good speaker for music, so I wouldn’t worry about their reviews...
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    Micromega MyDAC DAC Review

    A bit off-topic, bit HiFi Heaven is a bait & switch retailer that regularly lists for sale products they don't actually have in stock. They appear to be scraping listings from other sites. I've seen them list items exclusive to non-US markets without even bothering to change the product copy.
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    Product Overview: Revel F35

    One related question I had - does the additional bass driver have any implications for the minimum ideal listening distance for these speakers? As I mentioned, I've got quite a small listening room (12' long x 10' wide), and based on my measurements of frequency response the best listening...
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    Product Overview: Revel F35

    That's interesting. I didn't realize it was an unusual design, but I realize now I've never seen that configuration before. Why would it be difficult to do that with off the shelf drivers? Here's an excerpt from the Audioholics article talking about it: "Mark told me that to increase the F36’s...
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