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Wireless IEM Monitoring System


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Mar 12, 2016

I need to implement a low-cost wireless IEM system for video/audio productions. Thanks to @amirm / ASR, I acquired the excellent and inexpensive TRUTHEAR Crinnacle Zero, and love it. It will be used as the IEM this project (or perhaps the Moondrop Chu sans microphone).
I need to attach a good TX/RX system to it. Same output to all IEM, no intercom. WHat would you recommend? Reliability, Good wireless performance (<200 ft), excellent audio , 4 to 6 receivers, expandable, Budget is $350.oo in the USA.




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Aug 29, 2019
The Zero's impedance response complicates things as any significant output impedance of the amp inside the RX unit will reduce overall output and boost the Zero's bass in particular.

Most Bluetooth receivers aimed at consumers have modern, low noise Amps inside with near 0Ω output impedance and so don't have that issue, but whether they're viable in a professional environment like yours, I don't know.

Here's a thread that collects these Bluetooth receivers for easy reference and comparison: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/the...17-oct-21-ifi-go-blu-impression-added.906655/
It'd be worthwhile to ask in that thread which of these receivers has the best Bluetooth range and signal stability.

Finally, you'd have to find a Bluetooth TX unit that can do multicast and has some serious transmission power to extend to 200ft. SBC and AAC are your friends there:

Here's a relevant thread from a while ago:

Edit: for ultimate reliability you could look at Sennheiser's range of pro wireless in-ear monitoring systems, which use radio instead of Bluetooth. They have three systems at the moment: XSW IEM, EW IEM G4, and SR 2050 IEM. The XSW is the most sensible of those.

LD Systems and t.bone make cheaper alternatives, but neither them nor the Sennheisers specify the output impedance.
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