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Will a Topping Nx3s Clip at High Gain when Used with a D30?

Nov 17, 2018
Hello Everyone, I hope life is treating you well.

I just want to know if the Nx3s would clip with the D30 at high gain.

Low gain doesn’t seem to provide enough power to fully bring out the dynamic range in a classical track with my HE 400i. It just generally sounds a bit thin with the HE 400i compared to high gain. At times on high gain I hear what I think might be distortion, but if I adjust the volume knob such that I reach the same volume both on high and low gain, I don’t notice a difference in distortion.

But at that higher gain, perhaps Topping’s A30 would perform better with the D30 than the NX3s?

The Fiio A5 seems similar in terms of output power to the NX3s (845mw compared to 545mw x2 for the NX3s), and its input sensitivity is 1.1 volts at high gain (meaning it would clip with the D30’s 2 volt output?) But its high gain is set to 13db where the Nx3s’s high gain is set to 8.8db. I can’t find an input sensitivity stat for the Nx3s.
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