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Two channel setup for local sale Northern CA- no longer available.


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Jan 28, 2017
Davis CA
I had this setup in my bedroom to encourage me to ride my exercise bike. You can see how that worked out lol. All the items are in excellent condition, near new and with zero cosmetic issues. for sale individually or as a set if you wish o_O

Parasound Halo P6 2.1 preamp 950
Anthem MCA 225 stereo amp 950
KEF LS 50s 700 (pair)
GoldenEar XXL subs 2000 (pair)
Speaker stands 100 (pair)
Full set 4500 (200 discount)

Cash only, no paypal or trades or shipping. Local sale in Davis CA

mca225 back.jpg mca225.jpg GE XXL setup3.jpg GE XXL side back.jpg GE XXL side showing woofer.jpg Parasound P6 front.jpg Parasound P6 rear.jpg Parasound P6 receipt.jpg LS 50 front three quarter.jpg LS 50 with stand.jpg LS 50 back view with port2.jpg
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