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The Favourite


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Feb 28, 2016
Canada West Coast/Vancouver Island/Victoria area
If time period flicks and Emma Stone are your favorite type of flicks you might want to see that one.
I know I will, it's my bag, a good relaxing humorous type period movie with costumes, decors and all is a good dose of antidote after all those Disney Marvel super comic Avengers heroes, plus the underground grinder news, and not so underground regarding some actor's and film director's Hollywood type behavior...Twitter and all.

Emma Stone is charming with charismatic eyes and facial expressions.
The above trailer also seems to have good humorous touches that we can even applied to today's social behavior in the higher ranks of our elite class.
It truly appears that over few hundred years things haven't changed much @ all. What sez you.

* http://grammarist.com/spelling/favorite-favourite/
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