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Soudstage observations on examples APS KLASIK 2020 vs. HEDD TYPE 07 (mk1)


May 8, 2022
I recently compared the HEDD Type 07 (mk1) with the APS Klasik 2020. Since I have been mixing and mastering for 20 years, I have some observations about these speakers. Both, of course, with full room correction at the same time.

Hedd 07 have a nicer sound, more detailed and the bass is deeper. They also have a much wider soundstage. And that's the problem. Because due to the wide stage, the phantom center is much weaker and quieter than in APS Klasik 2020. This makes it pleasant to listen to, but it is more difficult to make decisions about the volume of vocal / kick / snare / bass in relation to the rest of the mix.

The 2020 Klasik sounds cheaper, but decisions are much easier to make. Klasik 2020 in mono mode sounds as if there was one center speaker in front of us, even when we turn our heads. Hedd 07 is worse in mono, when you move your head you can hear each speaker separately.

I recommend both speakers, Hedd 07 is better for detail decisions, but for setting volume levels and panorama the APS Klasik 2020 is definitely better (in this category it is as effective as the Yamaha ns10m)

I will add that comparing the speakers and making mixes with them allows me to draw the conclusion (maybe correct?) that the width of the soudstage is very important when determining the balance in the mix.

Is a wide sound stage nothing more than a different M/S balance, i.e. a low mid level and a high side level? Do any of you work with speakers that have a very wide soundstage and at the same time a loud phantom center? Is it possible? This is probably an interesting thread, hence my comparison above.

Can you comment on this brothers, based on your experiences and observations? Thanks greetings!


New Member
Jan 30, 2024
Bit of a late reply here, but I have struggled with this too. From my experience with those HEDD speakers (though I have the 07 MK2s) the stereo image loses integrity only when you aim those tweeters directly at your ear or just behind your head. When I aim the slightly to more outwards (if I had to guess, some 5 degrees more outwards), I have an absolutely solid stable phantom center (also with turning your head). If I were to put in my amazing paint skills, then we'd get the below for the HEDD 07 mk2s... putting them in an equilateral triangle has not worked out for me, I had to aim them further behind me to get a good phantom center and overall stereo image. After that they perform fine, but just an oddity, I constantly feel I'm not sitting in the right spot but then the sound reminds me I do :)

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