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SOLD - VTV Purifi Stereo 1ET400A Amplifier w Balance Inputs


May 25, 2020
Price: $825
New: $1100

Harley Lovegrove, of Pearl Acoustics calls this the "perfect amplifier". I suggest you watch the video to get the full message, which is basically that this is the cleanest, most accurate amplifier you can get. If you want coloration, harmonic distortion, etc., you can add fancy buffers or tube preamps for that.

This unit uses two Purifi 1ET400A amplifier modules (400 watts into 4 ohms and 200 watts into 8 ohms) and one 1200 watt Hypex SMPS1200A400 power supply.

I chose the Hypex buffer, which is the cleanest, lowest distortion of all the buffers offered. It does not have the coloration that you can add with op amps, tubes, etc. I chose to get the clean version and do coloration upstream in the preamp. This amp gives you ample power and supremely clean sound to play with as you see fit.

Purifi data sheet:

Reason for sale - I'm going all-in on a Transcendent Pinnacle OTL amp and I need to fund those 8 300B's.

Local pickup near Aurora IL. Will ship UPS if necessary 20lbs. Est $55 CONUS. Possibly available for audition. Cash/Vemo/PP F&F ok. As long as I can see the deposit in my account. Price firm. Sales final.

VTV Top no hair.jpegVTV front no glare.jpegVTV blue light.jpegVTV back up.jpegVTV back detail.jpegTrans and VTV in cabinet.jpeg


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