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private bluetooth listening: looking for a turnkey solution


Jun 2, 2020
I set up a system with apt-x LL to watch tv and movies during times when my partner is sleeping nearby.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What I have tried:
  • no matter how many times I factory/reset the tt-ba014, it simultaneously acquires a second connection with any unpaired es100 receiver (my everyday reciever paired to my iphone) causing the btr1k to drop out of apt-x LL and fall back to some crappy codec with a ton of latency
Attempted Fixes:
  • Tried resetting both the btr1k and the tt-ba014, pairing them. Turning off multi-point pairing on all devices. Sure enough the es100 still hijacks the tt-ba014
Things I've considered:
  • Going all apple all the time: apple tv, airpods, etc. im really concerned about sound quality vs my 10-driver custom iems and don't want to worry about those dangly-looking things falling in the toilet, etc
  • replacing the es100 with another, newer receiver (Qudelix-5K?). concerns: might still have above promiscuity issues with the tt-ba014
  • replacing the tt-ba014 with some other transmitter (apple tv?). concerns: does not support apt-x LL...
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