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Options on possibly running a Powered/Active sub for crossover to powered mixer for passive PA speakers


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Dec 12, 2023
I have a passive system that has a powered mixer with the system, and has multiple channels, inputs and outputs, with 2 8 ohm outs for the 2 passive speakers on the backside
I have recently bought a powered sub to add to the system

Is there a way to put the sub first in this chain to utilize its crossover functionality??

The sub has an RCA red/white input, but only XLR out

It also has multiple adjustments such as an LPF at 80 100 and 120 Hz, a booster and extend frequency switch
Are these XLR outs generally powered?? It was not in the manual if they were or weren’t and didn’t want to run power to an input of my powered mixer if so

I know I can go RCA out from the powered mixer to the sub, but wanted to explore a few other options if possible

If running to the sub first is not possible, what is the best way to add a powered/active speaker to a passive system??

I appreciate any help, thanks!!


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