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New amp, Ifi?


New Member
Aug 8, 2023
I currently have Shanling M3 Ultra and Letshuoer S12 Pro headphones. For me, the sound is ok. However, I wanted to listen to the over-ear headphones, (I'm just going to buy). I prefer balanced output.

The choice fell on:
1/ IFI Audio IDSD Diablo
2/ IFI IDSD signature (The Xbass function is interesting?)
3/ Shanling H7
4/ DethonrayHoney H1

The headphones I predict are rather Planar Magnetic f.ex: Hifiman 400SE/Sundara/XS; Takstar HF -580, Ultrasone Pure - but headphones are a separate topic for now.
I also have Shanling M2X on AKM and plays well, nice like AKM. But this is a outdated Plyer.
I prefer warm playing but with a lot of space, low descending bass and details in high tones. I like when the instruments are heard in the medium tones (long, deep reverberation of piano strings etc.)
I listen to most electronic music, sometimes classical and rock.
I use Tidal Hi-Fi Plus.
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