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Need help, PSB XB (used) vs Wharfedale diamond 12.1 new


Oct 13, 2021
Hello from Argentina, sorry bad english really glad with this forum, i GET years ago the dac loxjie d30 and last week the polkaudio hts 10, very happy with the sub, came from a nad 325bee (love it) and a psb t1 towers, one speaker broke give it to a man and meaby his broken it more o steal from my. (Sorry bad english). So i got the chances in this two, the psb look like new and is 200usd cheaper and the recomended by the seller. I like soft machine, rock in general, solo jazz, and now got the ableton push so in making a little techno Music in weekends. What do you recomend? Thanks!
A little more information from you will help people make better recommendations. To start:

How big is the room and where do you place your speakers?

How close do you sit to your speakers?

How loud do you like to play music?

Do you want lots of deep bass?

Are you happy with less bass to have clear midrange or is it important to have deep bass even if it means less clear midrange?

How much treble do you like? Do you prefer lower treble often described as soft or warm sound or do you want as much treble as possible?

Just a few things to get you started.
Hello thanks, 5x7 meters is the size of the room.
Im now near the speakers from using the MacBook with ableton, but when i listed for enjoy maybe 2/3 meters from the speakers.
Play Music loud.
Got the hts 10 inch 200w subwoofer so bass is good.
I want clear mid range , and much treble for producing the hi hats.
Sorry bad english.
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