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Modifying Behringer km1700 , Crown XLI 1500 pro power amp fan mods for home audio.. other.....


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Mar 15, 2022
In a conversation regarding behringer KM750 and cam 1700 power amps.... You mentioned "while I was silencing the fans."

I have a km 1700 and the fan's noise is just obtrusive. I use it for home audio applications primarily two channel. Presently to push two nht 1269 sub/woofers for a 2 channel setup.

My question is twofold- well I've never been afraid to get my hands dirty and I'm fairly adept figuring shit out on my own... I wonder if you or someone might be able to, in reasonable detail, roughly point out whether the fan's that I bought some time ago to replace the very loud oems that are currently originally placed are suitable?

Secondly, And on my way around a crossover I'd imagine this should be a decent for this type of job unless I'm mistaken which is what I'm asking
... Any advice or SOP (sorry prior Navy "standard operating procedure".

I also have a couple of crown XLI 1500 power amps which aren't nearly as noisy but I'd like to get rid of the noise completely. And as seeing as I use these not just for sub duty, but along with a monoprice "pure tube amp", which has pre-outs, and having modified all of my acoustic research three ways (3a, 10pi, 11, 58s, 91, 303) such that I've got a power amp pushing the woofer and the tube's pushing the mids and tweeters. It's actually phenomenal setup SQ wise. I just worry sometimes that the use in sub duty in some way either shortens the life or in fact makes the amp more dangerous to use with my precious AR woofers. Should I be concerned in any way especially considering I'm going to be modifying the oem fan?

Any and all comments and advice are welcome thank you very much for your time.

If the fan that I've shown that I purchased already for the behringer is not the best in this case might some suggestions be made for that behringer and as well as the crown? I certainly appreciate it.


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