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How to make best use of what I have & upgrade nudges welcome


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Jan 27, 2024
Hello to all from a crazy room,

Leaning toward more from Ascend Accoustics, but I'm in the process of saying hello to better audio (& video) and would appreciate any input on how to improve and supplement my current speakers. Initial budget ~$600. There's an Integra DRX-8.4 on the way (thanks in large part to this forum) and a Sony A95L.

the speakers:
Center: Klipsch Tangent 40 or 400 (p/n 09800400000 | s/n 32366 | w/o 5773 | copyright 1985)
--KT40 sits lengthwise with its front drivers facing up. Its cabinet perched on two rubber pucks meant for washer/dryer antivibration.
FR, FL: Cerwin Vega D-3, (10" woofer broken on both units), 6" midrange, 1" horn tweeter, Circuit breaker protection, 30-20,000 Hz +/- 3dB, 92-94 dB/W/M efficiency, 8 ohms, Crossover frequencies 700 Hz and 3.5 kHz. 5w to RMS/Peak 125 watts.
Sub, Surr-R,L, Surr.Back-R,L: (these are from the cheapest at the time 10yr old Monoprice 5.1 set). All to be gradually or lumpsum replaced.

available but unused (in this room):
  • pair of Ascend Accoustics CBM-170SE
  • a Parasound 2ch. Zamp
the room :
(please see attached diagrams)
The room is 13' wide, with 12' distance from the wall with seats to the FL/FR/Cntr/TV that all sit on a 6' tall wood shelving unit which divides the length of the room (the mentioned 12' infront of the shelving, with 9' behind it). 8' almost directly above this dividing line (the shelving unit) is the apex of the A-frame ceiling, from which the ceiling slants down toward the listener at about a 30 degree angle. The wall behind the listener is 8' high. All of the illustrated windows with blinds have the blinds encased in glass. So the sound has to deal with the space behind the main speakers, the 14' ceiling that slants down to 8' ceiling, hard tile floor, doorless archways into the room, and to the listeners' right a floor to ceiling column of brick wall some sheetrock between everything.

any fun ideas? would you repair the CVega woofers before buying anything new?


  • room audio floorplan [2024-01-27].png
    room audio floorplan [2024-01-27].png
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  • room audio perspective 3 [2024-01-27].png
    room audio perspective 3 [2024-01-27].png
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  • room audio perspective 1 [2024-01-27].png
    room audio perspective 1 [2024-01-27].png
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  • room audio perspective 2 [2024-01-27].png
    room audio perspective 2 [2024-01-27].png
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