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[HK] 1.03M Protesters on streets last week


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Sep 14, 2018
Hong Kong
What happened last week, 1.03M Protesters on streets. I spent 7 hrs to finish a walk that usually takes 60 minuets.

If you have any business in/with HK, you should read.



BTW, many Consulates have already issued alerts regarding demonstrations that may take place. What I can say is, it's alright to see large crowds, most of the time it's just perfectly fine, our track record is 1.03M without a single robbed store or burning cars; But if you see crowds AND police, better start walking away. If you're so kind, you may help the youngsters that get harassed and intimidated by questioning the police a few words.
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Nov 15, 2017
A Hong Kong Youtuber was attacked by a Pro-Beijing gangster in July 21 at Yuen Long train station, Hong Kong. He was hospitalized until today and this video is what he filmed.

The text in 1:25 says someone tried to rob his phone but failed. At that time there was still no journalist at the venue and therefore he insisted to continue filming and protect the others despite the dangerous situation.

The red circle at 1:40 showing a gangster attacking him (someone else's video footage).

At 2:08 he said someone saved him. Then he and other victims were in the toilet waiting for rescue.

The rest of the video are other victims talking about their experiences and injuries.
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