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Great interview -- Erin Hardison talks to Lars Risbo of Purifi Audio

Bruce Morgen

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Aug 3, 2019
Lars and his colleagues provide some excellent information on the fundamental engineering challenges involved in improving small woofer performance, including a demo of Purifi's proprietary driver testing system -- and, toward the end, some hints of what's cooking over on the amplification side of their shop.

Lars Risbo (Purifi) talks to Erin Hardison


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Jul 18, 2019
Thanks for watching! It was a very enlightening talk.

I enjoy watching my fellow audio brethren and their reviews/videos/podcasts but I think talking with the real engineers in the community is how we can understand just how science is being used to improve what we hear. Lars was gracious enough to give sort of a "drive units 101". And we got to see some of their tech and R&D that no one else has seen. Pretty cool of those guys to do that. I'm hoping we can do another round with Bruno and some of the other PURIFI team members. And I plan to keep doing these kind of discussions as long as I can find willing participants. I have already reached out to a few. :)
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