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FiiO announces FD3

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Jul 22, 2021


A new challenger has arrived
The FD3/FD3 Pro follows in the footsteps of its FD line siblings in using a newly designed 12mm flagship-level dynamic driver.Inside the FD3/FD3 Pro's striking shell lies a driver with a robustmagnet of 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux paired with an ultra-finecopper-clad aluminum Japanese Daikoku voice coil for an amazing,powerful sound.

Distinguished diamond heritage
The FD3/FD3 Pro benefits from the numerous advantages of FiiO's new dynamic driver. The diaphragm is made of Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC) which is both impressively rigid and helps to reduce unneeded distortion yet also surprisingly light,allowing the driver to have excellent transient response.The result is a driver with excellent sound quality and minimal distortion with the added bonus of being ultra-sensitive.

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Mar 9, 2021
So single-driver is the new/old thing in IEMs? Maybe just as well because my old dual-driver Fiio F9s had wonky frequency response at the crossover point which DSP really couldn't fix.

Many IEM companies don't want to admit that full range drivers are enough. The Etymotic ER4 use 5mm BA drivers with 10Hz ~ 18.5KHz and can output the same bass with a 80 ~ 180Hz Low shelf. I've had that problem with 2 way Hybrid IEM's I couldn't point out I could hear that DD woofer was fighting the BA mid/treble drivers. Multi BA was much better, but the treble extension was bad the could only push 14.5KHz at best while the ER4S & ER4SR could reach 17.5KHz.

It could that since the ER2XR & ER4XR are selling like hot cakes It could be causing some to 180. I still remember when Custom art trolled IEM reviewers by doing a DBT tests by letting them assume it was a Multi BA/Single DD/hybrid CIEM, But then they got mad they gave a Single BA CIEM a 9.5/10 for bass performance?.

It worse when they shift into Full size Headphones and then quickly realise why they use Single drivers ranging from 38mm ~ 100mm. And why Single driver speakers are hot garbage outside a few TOTL ones using 1 driver with two diaphragms.

It is a dynamic driver earphone, not a headphone.

You mean In ear headphone.
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