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Business Opportunity


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Jun 27, 2019
Attended Axpona week ago -definitely worth the time and min effort (Only live 90miles away from the venue.). For some reason I noticed that a lot of system descriptions included whoso cabling they were using. Obviously THRILLING :) to hear a system with $5K IEC powercables and even more expensive RCA patch cords. Something I'd never encountered before. Got me to thinkin' -how 'bout a room dedicated to cabeling -not bothering with hooking them up . One wall could display historic cables : Monster ,Van den Hull , Cobra cable,Kimber ,etc. , Another wall could just be IEC power cables - the more expensive the better . The third wall would display all forms of interconnects : Gold plated TOSlink , CAT-5 and 6 and ? Lan cables, XLR's,RCA patch cords. Anything a audio signal passes thru -again- somewhere between very expensive and jaw dropping prices preferred.
So where's the business opportunity ? Simple - ya charge folks for taking selfies with their "favorite " cables. Say $10 bucks a pic ? Who wouldn't want to have a pic of themselves with a 40 pound -$8K patch cord draped around their neck ?
I am torn between franchising or simply taking a cut of all gross income (20% seems about right to ME). You may ask why would you cut me in ? Simple -it's my idea and - lets face it -one of the main requirements for being involved in the audio cable business is ya gotta have brass b@lls when it comes to pricing . I think 20% for doing nothing should prove my bona fides ?
:D :D :D :D
Kimber Cable had a static display room at a Los Angeles area audio show I attended >15 years ago. It was a large, lower floor conference room, not a small hotel room. Walls and tables were covered in elaborate displays to showcase their multitude of choices in every possible cable category. I can't remember an audio system playing music in the room. But they must have had one -- right? They did miss out on the $uggested photo opportunity. :facepalm:
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