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Anyone have experience with the Audio Technica AT OC9XSL Dual MC Phono-Cartridge?


Senior Member
Aug 16, 2021
Northern Ohio
I'm thinking about snagging one of these to try on my VPI Prime with the 10.5 aluminum unipivot arm. Seems like it might be a sleeper at this price point. Currently using a middle age Ortofon Black, but I purchased a Fosgate Signature phono pre and I'm itching to try a moving coil as it's amazingly quiet despite the all-tube design. It would be my first moving coil. I've tried a Dennon 103r briefly, but I was not overly-impressed with the sound which seemed 'gimmicky'- like it was funneled through one of those old console 'sound expander' modules. #ASRvinylclub
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