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Advice sought - Path to 2.2 critical listening bliss Dirac and Genelec


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Jun 26, 2023
Hi everyone.

Long time lurker, first time poster seeking the wisdom of the community. My end goal is a nearfield 2.2 channel, music only, setup for a single person in a fixed chair.

My hope is to integrate the following chain:

NAS > (Mele Q3 + Linux Mint + Roon Core) > (Mele Q3 + Windows + Roon Endpoint + Dirac Live multichannel + Bass Correction + ART) > MOTU M4 > then TRS to XLR cables to 2x Genelec 8030c monitors and 2x 7050a subs.

Question: Is the MOTU M4 the right interface to get Dirac + addons to work all its magic on all 4 channels independantly and optimally? I'm not sure how windows roon dirac and the motu handle 2.2 ch.

I have a Topping EX5 drawing off a USB RPi4 currently on headphones, but I'm concerned the 2channel DAC/preamp won't be as effective with Dirac because it would be feeding a full frequency signal to L+R+subs. I think, but don't know if Dirac live DSP wouldobe more capable with 4 independant channels.

Am I close to glory, or courting failure?
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Aug 7, 2019
Yes the Motu M4 could do that
Note that currently only Dirac Live and Bass Control are available on a PC/Mac but ART is not yet
Alternative to Motu M4: Motu Ultralite mk5, Okto DAC8 Pro, Topping DM7 (which is the best multichannel DAC available today)
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