1. bossloot

    Woofer and Headphones interaction.

    Greeting everyone, I am having this problem with ear/headphones for years since, where plugging them directly into my PC or any other Phone - is not giving me the satisfaction of Volume, Bass and overall quality in general. I believe it's not a matter of the Handsfree product quality, but rather...
  2. T

    KEF R3 Meta woofer slightly damaged

    Hello, Long time lurker firs time poster, unfortunately not for a good reason. The woofer of my Kef R3 Meta had a little accident(see attached photo). It is a tiny dot which does not bother me aesthetically and also does not seem to have an effect on my sound. I consider sending the speaker...
  3. N

    Blew out the woofers on my brand new speakers, need help to find the cause

    Hello, I installed an entire new system in May and things had sounded amazing until I screwed up this weekend. I was demonstrating the system for some guests (showing off) and it was suggested I play a YouTube video that showed the frequency and played the according sound. This video had...
  4. PaperBoat

    Fungus on soft dome tweeter...

    My studio monitor's soft dome tweeters are infected by fungus... Will it deteriorate the sound quality of those tweeters?
  5. thin bLue

    Best 15inch/38cm woofer units?

    With High BlieSMa T34B-4 https://hificompass.com/en/reviews/bliesma-t34b-4-beryllium-dome-tweeter Mid BlieSMa M74B-6 https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/bliesma-m74b-6-beryllium-dome-midrange.443888/ Low Purifi PTT8.0X04-NAB-01 https://purifi-audio.com/ptt8-0x04-nab-01/ What kind of...
  6. MrPotatoHead

    Scanspeak 15W/8530K-00 5.5" Revelator Woofer

    Selling a single Scanspeak driver. I bought a pair and used just one on a center channel speaker I built a few months ago. This driver is unused and has never been installed. I have the original packaging - but might trim it down to fit in shipping carton. More information: Scanspeak Price is...
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