usb isolator

  1. T

    USB noise - USB isolator or new audio interface?

    Hi, I have got a hiss noise issue coming from the speakers with my current setup that I use for music production (recording guitar and voice), music listening and calls. I think it is due to a USB power leakage but I would like confirmation from experts :) Attached file is a recording of the...
  2. Dilettante

    USB bus noise

    I am seeing and hearing a fair bit of unintended noises coming from the USB-powered Audient ID4 mk. II Silence, normalised to 0dB: Zoom-in Observations so far: The noise can be heard when PC is idle. It gets worse when GPU is busy It gets better when CPU is stressed. Even then, there are...
  3. J

    Ground loop via USB broken but high pitch noise remains. *Please advise*

    Audio: PC - USB - E30 - L30 Power: Dedicated 20A to office closet - cyber power Sinewave 1500 UPS - PC/Accessories + separate Isobar strip for stack/monitors/sub *No noise present via Headphones or IEMS Purchased Adam T5V powered monitors and their sub. Hiss is minimal even with the gain all...
  4. pma

    Olimex USB-ISO Isolator mixed experience

    Olimex USB-ISO isolator Sometimes I need to break the loop created by 2 USB devices on same PC or a ground loop from class I grounded PC to class I grounded amplifier driven from USB DAC. So I bought and inexpensive Olimex USB-ISO and had hoped it could fix an issue if it occurs. But it did...
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