1. C

    DIYclassD.com UcD400 stereo (power amp) kit: Electricity consumption & heat measurements

    HiFi-n00b here. After reading various threads (here and elsewhere) about amplifier wattage requirements, and making some detailed spreadsheets about available amplifiers and about my particular wattage needs, and thereby getting depressed (at the lack of consensus/confidence), I decided to go...
  2. pma

    Class D must read papers and publications

    I would like to open the thread dealing with important publications on class D amplifiers principles, topologies, characteristics and limitations. One of the great sources is the Hypex publications library at https://www.hypex.nl/p/application-notes-white-papers/ The most explaining and...
  3. pma

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR amplifier module analysis and review

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR module analysis and review After buying and testing AIYIMA A07 amplifier (based on TPA3255 class D chip) in January 2021 I was quite disappointed with the frequency response modulated by speaker complex impedance and its audible consequences. This is, unfortunately...
  4. Xulonn

    Digital evolution - some audio electronics history

    I will start with some information about two audiophile Class-D amplifier pioneers - Tripath and Hypex. In spite of the disdain displayed by some traditionalist audio enthusiasts for Class-D, these pioneering efforts were based on rigorous engineering, not unicorn fairy dust and other...
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