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    Building a valve amplifier

    One of my next projects is a valve amplifier. I built many solid state amplifiers and I'm very happy with these. I always considered valve amplifiers as being vastly inferior to solid state one but nevertheless I would like to build one to measure it and to listen to it. From all the available...
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    Tube amp research

    I am new to the world of higher end quality audio equipment. I have a Carver power amp (class A, discrete channels, 100w) and preamp (1985) and they are driving Ohm Walsh Two speakers built in 1985. I now wish to move into the world of tube amplifiers. I have come across many online ads which...
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    (SOLD) Bottlehead Crack 1.1 Headphone Tube Amplifier with Speedball Upgrade

    Selling my Bottlehead Crack 1.1 headphone tube amp that I built a couple of years ago. Selling due to not getting much use. I installed the Speedball upgrade when I built the unit. The wood base is stained black, with the corners sanded down so they do not get snagged on clothes, etc. Has the...
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    Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth USB Aux In Sub Out

    Bluetooth Hybrid Stereo Tube Amplifier with Coaxial/Optical/CD/DVD/USB/Bluetooth inputs Specifications: • Power output: 50 WPC RMS @ 4 ohms • THD: 0.5% @ 50 WPC • Minimum speaker impedance: 4 ohms • Channel separation: 50 dB • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz • Preamplifier tube: 6U1 x...
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