1. dougi


    I just got this stepup this week and thought I would post some comparative measurements with it in use/not-in use. It is a mid-level one in Ortofon's offerings. Still expensive! Weird pricing, Euro 899 via Ortofon or I could get it locally for A$700-800. Stock pics: I wanted to use it for my...
  2. iMickey503

    Transformers Blaster Bluetooth BoomBox build

    How cool is it to have something like this become a thing from the 80's. I had the areal bots. But sure wish I had this toy as a kid. But passes when it did not have the radio anymore. He used some Boss Speakers for the build. Not sure about the Bluetooth amp board. A compact...
  3. H

    Building a valve amplifier

    One of my next projects is a valve amplifier. I built many solid state amplifiers and I'm very happy with these. I always considered valve amplifiers as being vastly inferior to solid state one but nevertheless I would like to build one to measure it and to listen to it. From all the available...
  4. M

    Emotiva on transformers vs SMPS

    Nice to see they have an Audio Precision; now if only they followed Schiit & Topping in releasing the AP reports.
  5. Veri

    Radial Engineering (Twin-ISO)

    Hey Guys. I was wondering if anyone here has some feedback on this brand? From what I gather, Radial acquired Jensen so their products should use high quality transformers. I can't read any negatives online either. I suppose one can't go wrong with this brand for this kind of product? This is...
  6. Veri

    Transformers adding some "iron" to the sound

    So I'm pretty flabbergasted how this is supposed to work, but many audio forums, gearslutz in specific seem to swear by transformers somewhere in the audio signal adding something fun/warm/vibrant/"iron". Transformers of note are Jensen, Cinemag and others. So I got to try some Jensen...
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