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  1. pma

    Audiophonics PRE-TC10 preamp with tone controls - review and measurements

    I have decided to buy and measure this preamplifier with tone controls, supplied by Audiophonics. It can be ordered here: and it costs 49.92 EUR...
  2. U

    Best way to add tone control to my system

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I really love this place! Currently, I'm putting together my first Desktop-HiFi-System. For that, I have the following requirements: - Decent DAC with USB Input - possibility to add an active Sub - Drive 8 Ohm Speakers at (real!) 30 Watt - acceptable...
  3. Grumple

    A few questions for a DIY newbie.

    Firstly I'd again like to say thankyou to everyone involved with ASR for making HiFi fun again. TLDR: If I split the output from a preamp (for example with a Y-Splitter cable) do I need to worry about impedence and/or voltage level? Some may have noticed my desire to have tone controls. I...
  4. Grumple

    Tone controls

    I started a thread aa few days ago about needing a DAC with analogue inputs and dsp etc. However, I've come to realise that what I really want is tone controls and nothing more. I've got a DAC and a head amp etc I just want to whack the bass up, or nail the highs every once in while. And I don't...
  5. S

    Does a speaker sound brighter or darker in a "large" room?

    How was your experience? I saw a pro-audio document saying that loudspeakers sound brighter in a large room (large in the sense of pro-audio world, a room that can hold 200 or less people is called a "small room"), because the listeners hear more reflected sound. This is a part of Gold Line...
  6. M

    Does the Pure Direct Button Really Enhance Sound Quality?

    What does bypassing tone and loudness controls do exactly to enhance an amplifier's sound quality? Can anyone actually hear the difference? (I can't) If anyone can hear the difference, what does this difference consist of?
  7. I

    Amp's tone control vs. software equalizer for a headphone?

    Hello everyone, I have this simple yet technical question: is there a fundamental difference between amp's tone control versus a software equalizer? I do not own an amp, but while searching for information I found that some amps have these knobs where you can control base/mid/treble and even...
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