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  1. J

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room

    I bought this amp to drive speakers in my basement rec room. I was curious if the little box would do the trick, but based on the wonderful reviews I took a risk and bought it. As it turns out, there was no risk at all with this purchase. The Fosi Audio Amp does an absolutely perfect job driving...
  2. T

    Sanskrit 10 mkii or D30pro for the livingroom setup?

    I need a DAC for my livingroom. Hifi setup will go as raspi4 -> dac usb -> exposure 2010 -> kef Ls50 and Tv setup will be Tv -> dac optical ->... I am not in US so my options are limited. I feel that Sanskrit will be more than enough for this setup but I still want to get D30pro :)) Does any...
  3. K


    I'm curious what would be good setup for home theater and 2 channel music? I was thinking 1. audiolab 6000a for 2 channel listening and / denon 3700h for HT 2. Arcam sa 10 / denon 3700h Or 3.Emotiva basx a3 plus a topping(dont know yet) / denon 3700h The speakers are kef r3 What i want to...
  4. orchardaudio

    FS: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 10% Off

    I have a brand new Starkrimson Stereo Ultra with the $400 cap upgrade, XLR inputs and configured for 110/120V line voltage. MSRP is $2900. A customer canceled their order. 10% off to anybody here who wants it, free shipping in the US. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Link to...
  5. A

    Drive speakers from headphone drivers?

    Good day, all :) I’m using a SOM which has TLV320AIC3106 (data source as reference) on it, I want to use speakers, but TLV320AIC3106 has output for headphones. I am complete the new regarding audio electronics, but I guess I need to use amplifier for this. Is there anyone give some ideas...
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