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Sanskrit 10 mkii or D30pro for the livingroom setup?


May 5, 2020
I need a DAC for my livingroom. Hifi setup will go as raspi4 -> dac usb -> exposure 2010 -> kef Ls50 and Tv setup will be Tv -> dac optical ->...

I am not in US so my options are limited. I feel that Sanskrit will be more than enough for this setup but I still want to get D30pro :))

Does any of these two has delay while being used with Tv? Which one do you think I should buy? D30pro is used, Sanskrit is brand new, and D30pro priced 2.5 times of Sanskrit.
I've got a Sanskrit mkii and it sounds terrific. Best with a Samsung or Apple phone charger for clean power. I honestly don't think I could tell it from my other more expensive DACs like the M300. It's all features and connectivity you pay for from there.
As for TV use, research into Topping SPDIF issues before purchase.
Thanks for the info, I looked for spdif issues but couldn't see something specific for d30pro. I guess sanskrit will be more than enough for me, again my main purpose to feed hi res music to dac. I can't see any reason to go for d30pro, please advise me if I'm missing a point.
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