1. Nuyes

    The REAL Problem of March Audio's Sointuva WG (Review, Measurements and Reinforcements with Klippel device)

    I am not good at English. Therefore, this post was written with the translation help of many people in Korea. I am very grateful to them. I am an audiophile publishing speaker reviews to audio communities. Currently, I am using Klippel Distortion Analyzer 2, Earthworks M30 mic, and a DIYed...
  2. M

    March Audio Sointuva

    There is little information out there about this speaker so far from people that own them so I thought I'd start a thread. I just received my Sointuva's today and I'm extremely pleased with them. I was looking for a speaker that could go down low, have a flatter frequency response than my...
  3. PurdueDeep

    P452 and Sointuva from March Audio

    I actually got on this forum looking for more info about Purifi amps and I remember seeing the relative SINAD graph and found March audios offering to be extremely Competitive. Ive actually spent easily over 24hrs looking up how to build a (to me) high grade system with the sointuva and the p452...
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