smsl do100

  1. A

    SMSL SU-1 vs D-6S vs DO100 Pro

    So I was looking for a sub to pair with my Adam T5Vs, discovered that the matching T10S sub has a horrible standby mode, so I was recommended the JBL LSR310S instead. I'm considering it, but my DAC is a SMSL SU-1, which doesn't have balanced inputs to support the JBL sub. Perhaps it's time to...
  2. Iridist

    AMP/DAC stacks that also have a Speaker AMP?

    So I'm looking at a pair of headphones (maybe the Ananda Nano's) as well as a set of passive speakers for nearfield listening at a desktop setup (KEF Q150's). So far I've considered the Topping E30 II/L30 II Stack, JDS Atom 2 Stack, and Schiit Modi/Magni Stack. But then I came across the SMSL...
  3. Arashi_Tsunade

    Digital to analog conversion via bluetooth

    Dear forum members, I often use my SMSL DO100 Dac in bluetooth mode. I was wondering if when using bluetooth, is the signal converted by the dual Saber DACs, or does the bluetooth module have another DAC? Sorry for the ignorance
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