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  1. T

    Looking for passive compact desktop speakers | Dayton Audio vs. Neumi vs. SVS (?)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some very compact desktop speakers, and I would very much appreciate some experiences / insights / advice. My budget is up to 250 EUR / pair. So far I've been looking at: SVS Prime Satellite: 241 EUR / pair Neumi Silk 4: 183 EUR / pair (based on this review)...
  2. S

    Neumann KH80 II / Genelec 8320 With USB in Future Product?

    I am a PC gamer who sometimes watch video and listen to music. Not being any professional in audio, I only decide to put active 2.0 speakers by the side of my 27-inch monitor. (A triangle of about 1 meter) The audioengine HD4 I am currently using still has some hissing and port noise within 1...
  3. AmielMix

    Looking for a small Speaker (active or passive), woofer not bigger than 4 Inches preferably

    Hi, I am looking for a small Speaker (active or passive) woofer, not bigger than 4 Inches preferably I just want a small speaker with good balance, don't need the system to be loud, just a good balanced speaker that may have a different voice from what I have (Dutch & Dutch 8C and Amphion...
  4. V

    Help needed on Budget Compact Speakers

    Hey there, I'm currently looking to get a pair of active speakers for my desktop setup. I'm testing out the Edifier MR4 right now, and while they are pretty good, I can't fit them in my setup. I'm looking for a pair that are at most 4.5 inches in width. Speakers the size of stuff like the...
  5. Vict0r

    $499 Shanling JET1 4.5" desktop speaker (2021) looks stylish

    I remember reading here about an older pair of Shanling speakers, the S2's. The people that actually ordered them were very satisfied, it seemed. I always had my eye on Shanling products after having some decent experiences with their line of DAPs. Anyway, they just announced a new pair of...
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