1. WickedInsignia

    Shure SRH440A and SRH840A

    Shure has released some updates to their classic studio staples, the SRH440 and SRH840. The new models have an "A" at the end. Looks like they have an entirely redesigned build and comfort, which is great news for those familiar with the old pairs (especially the 440). Also, no more coiled...
  2. H

    What headphone amplifier to pair with Modi 3 and SHURE SHR 840?

    Hi guys, first of all i would like to say thank you for this amazing community :) I currently use this setup notebook/pc -> Modi 3 -> Shure 840 and decided to add an amplifier to this setup. My requirements are low: price should be < ~300 EUR / ~360 USD enough power for low impedance SHR840...
  3. R

    New setup questions (HE400i, Fiio DACs, JDS Atom)

    Hello community, my listening setup has drastically changed over the last month and i need advice to tune it: Before: PC-> Focusrite Solo Gen2 - > M-Audio BX8 / Shure SE425 Now: PC->Fiio K3 ->JBL 104 BT / -> sonarworks ref 4 ->JDS Atom (incoming) -> HifiMan HE400i / Shure SE425 my reason was...
  4. DonH56

    Shure Out of the Cartridge Business

    I missed this, sorry if it has already been posted -- I was looking for something else and ran across this article:
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