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Feb 29, 2020
Hello community,
my listening setup has drastically changed over the last month and i need advice to tune it:

Before: PC-> Focusrite Solo Gen2 - > M-Audio BX8 / Shure SE425
Now: PC->Fiio K3 ->JBL 104 BT / -> sonarworks ref 4 ->JDS Atom (incoming) -> HifiMan HE400i / Shure SE425

my reason was the bx-8 while great was 8' monitors in an untreated room with many spots (cavities in the room) which over accentuated the bass. and the focusrite is a piece of shit lol

OK, the new 104 definitely don't sound as full but enough for close listening or just general pc use. I got the HE400i from a mate used at 70usd.

Now my questions (before everyone leaves this thread):
1. Can you recommend a good system wide eq for the 104? don't have 400usd to get the sonarworks monitor and mic.
2. Tips to EQ by ear and what should i look for? Just need an OK sound, don't need to be bang on studio level
3. The HE400i have the 2.5mm dual plugs (headphone side) with 3.5mm termination. is this a balanced cable (crystalline balanced is the replacement on hifiman website which looks exactly the same)? as such, could i get a 3.5mm->2,5mm adapter to connect to the k3 balanced port?
4. since i am using sonarworks (damn that made a massive difference to the cans); should i upgrade the K3 to a better 'more resolving' dac?
5. some of you might ask why looking for balanced cable when i will be getting a JDS Atom. well if i get a new dac, i will use the k3 as my laptop dac at work, and can benefit from that port.
6. should i get a new dac, features and multiple graphs aside, please recommend based on your hearing/ experience/ feeling for 1. Shiit modi 3, 2. jds ol dac, 3. topping d30, 4. (a stretch on budget) ifi nano iOne, 5. your k3 is good enough that you wont notice any difference.

Thank youuu. I am on my spending spree and wish to conclude my buying now :p;):cool: (i know some will say you will never finish, but once i finish my ideal use setup, i can switch off and move to a new activity lol)

Much love to you community

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