1. Y

    Recommend me a headphone combo DAC+Amp (with remote) that connects via Optical to my LG C2 48” OLED TV

    I have tried Topping DX3 Pro+ but encountered non stop audio dropout/stuttering/jittering every 5-10 seconds. I have contacted the manufacturer and updated the firmware but still encounter the same issue. I heard that SMSL C200 and DL200 would be perfect for my needs as they have the feature to...
  2. P

    Sabaj A4 - remote control problem

    Hello, I have a problem with my Sabaj A4 amplifier. The remote control quickly stopped working. The seller kindly sent me a second remote but I can't figure out how to pair it. / Does anyone know what to do with this remote? / Are there any universal remote controls compatible with Sabaj...
  3. B

    How to remotely control my iPad for playing (Hi-Res) Lossless music

    My current setup is based upon playing home cinema ánd stereo music. The basis is a Denon AVC-X4700H (2nd iteration without HDM-issues but with lower spec'd DAC), Wharfedale EVO 4.4 main (tower) speakers, a Wharfedale 4C center speaker and Wharfedale Diamond 220 acting as surround and surround...
  4. sweetchaos

    Logitech is done making Harmony remotes

    Sad news...:confused: After going a long time without any hardware updates, Logitech has finally announced that they will no longer manufacture Harmony remotes. Logitech wrote this announcement in their support forum: Shane...
  5. DDF

    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    A debate has been long raging in the audio community that Windows isn't fit for use in a high resolution audio system. Sceptics counterargued that bits are bits and Windows audio degradations are a figment of an over-active audiophile imagination. I decided to investigate this as I kept...
  6. B

    DAC with display, remote, BT, opt/coax input and warmest sound

    It must have: - Display - Remote control - BT 5.0 receiver or higher, with aptX HD and LDAC support - Optical/coaxial input (for a Compact Disc player), besides USB input for full performance - Warmest sound possible (simulating tube amp sound if possible) - Is Full MQA decoding desirable? (I...
  7. S

    FS: Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 Preamplifier

    Unit is in perfect working order, also aesthetically in excellent condition. Price: $800 Shipping: US + Canada Contact me with any questions or concerns
  8. A

    Nvidia shield usb dac compatibility

    Hi, could you post please well working nvidia shield usb dac combinations? I would like to buy a dac + xlr output + remote combo (eg m500, d5, adi2, su8, etc). i use actually the shield 2019 + musical fidelity v90. basically works well, but after a couple of days the youtube app stops within...
  9. Sekenenz

    Roon Rock on ASRock Beebox

    I'm using ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) on a Beebox (ASRock N3010 Nuc) and everything works great except for an optional, the original pc remote control in the bundle, otherwise it would be a perfect system. The only thing I would like from the remote control would be to be able to turn the pc...
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