raspberry pi 4

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    Newbie question. I bought an AVR but I'm not impressed by the sound. If I get a preamp then could I use my AVR solely as a power amp?

    Hey everyone, second post here. I bought a used Denon S540H along with two KEF Q150 speakers, and while the sound is pretty great there is a lot of static noise that is coming through at medium-to-high volumes. I also feel like the sound could be a lot better. Aside from that, I hate the Heos...
  2. M

    Recommendation For My Setup?

    Hi, I'm newly registered. I'm trying to little home music server. I like to listen 24bit FLACs (up to 192khz), DSD formats from prostudiomasters, 7digital etc. I have little baby room for listening music and watching movies. I may play things in moodie audio etc. Here's what I have: 1...
  3. Capitol C

    Raspberry pi and USB DAC help requested

    I have a Raspberry pi 4 connected to a a USB DAC. It doesn't recognize a Dayton Audio DAC01, but it does recognize a FiiO USB DAC Q1, a combo DAC and headphone amp. Does anyone knows why the Dayton doesn't work? Also, when playing songs from the raspberry pi on VLC Media player, when choosing...
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