quality of adc

  1. Saidera

    Apple Dongle (USB-C to 3.5 mm) ADC quality with EarPods/free headsets

    I read somewhere years ago that perhaps crinacle used the apple dongle's ADC via an adapter to measure equipment because apple dongle's ADC is the best of all USB-C dongles. I think this is true. It is not studio quality, but it does support 24/48 PCM recording in mono and does not have as much...
  2. Blumlein 88

    Listen and choose the 8th generation digital copy.

    Each of these zip files will open into three wav files. One is labeled Reference, one is A and one is B. These are 30 second snippets of full songs. The originals were from CD so all 44.1 khz and 16 bit. Either A or B has been thru 8 generations of DA to AD copying. The other is identical...
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