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    Making an Okto DAC8 work with multiple sources

    Hi there, Your help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been actively tri-amping for quite some time, using a D-23 Pioneer Crossover. My full chain being: - rca turntable - two digital sources: Roon via Ropieee and optical output from Samsung TV, both connected to a Chord Qutest DAC; only...
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    F/S: Okto Research DAC8 Pro

    Selling my Okto Research DAC8 Pro, as I have downsized / simplified my setup and moved to a pair of Kef LS60s. The unit has a black faceplate, and it has a custom output voltage of 3.9v RMS (default is 4.1), to allow for direct pairing with amplifiers set for ~4v input signal without the...
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    Okto Research dac8 Stereo custom output voltage for FirstWatt F5

    Hi there, what custom output voltage should I request from Okto Research for connection from OktoResearch dac8 Stereo to FirstWatt F5 and how XLR pins should be connected to RCA ones? I know it is not ideal to connect XLR to RCA but that's what I need. Thank you for an answers
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    WANTED: okto research dac8 Stereo

    Looking for an okto research dac8 Stereo. Willing to pay $1500 for it. Any color, with or without streaming. Thank you
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    Okto Research dac8 stereo and Topping A90 for sale

    Hi, Recent circumstances have forced me to sell my audio equipment. Okto dac8 stereo is black, in brand new condition, with original packaging. It is serial #: 26. It is as good as it gets measurement wise and sounds wonderful. I am selling it for €1300 + shipping. It does not come with a power...
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