1. S

    Soldering Headphone Cable with Mogami 2893 and 3Pin Mini XLR and 1/4 Jack

    I am planning to build my first own headphone cable for my modded DT770pro with 3Pin mini XLR connector and need help with soldering. I bougth the following components for it: Cable)Mogami 2893 Microphone cable, Neglex Quad Miniatur, 4.8mm (Mini XLR Adapter 3 Pin) Rean RT3FC-B (1/4 Jack)...
  2. K

    [FS][EU] Mogami RCA pair cable 5m

    2534 Quad Stereo Pair (L,R) Audio Cable | Neutrik Gold RCA | 5.0 m Bought on April 2022 Excellent condition 50euros with shipping to most* european countries *pm for details
  3. momonone

    Mogami usb cable?

    Hi all, want to ask which of the Mogami cable best for usb cable (DAC)?
  4. Suppa92

    Make a Headphone Cable with Dual Unbalanced Mic cable?

    guys, is it a good choice to diy a single-ended headphone cable with any unbalanced cable (eg: mogami w2528 dual )? I recently found a mogami w2528 cable lying around & thought of diy a headphone cable, I just want to know is it good thing to use shield as the ground for the each headphone cup...
  5. A

    Comparing my three XLR cables from DAC to amp

    I have Topping D90 MQA and Topping A90, together with Hifiman Ananda. So, I wanted to have a good enough (but not expensive) XLR cables to connect D90 and A90. - First, I ordered one from Markertek. (Canare's premier L-4E6S Star-Quad cable)...
  6. T

    Mogami 2549 vs 2534

    Hi all, I'm going to knock together some interconnects and just wanted to double check as to the reasons one would choose one of these cables over the other. I'm almost positive the real world differences especially in such a short length of cable will be practically nothing and I imagine even...
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