mini pc

  1. V

    MiniPC for music streaming with TEAC UD-505 DAC

    I am trying to get into "good-sounding" world, but need help with choosing streaming server for my DAC (TEAC UD-505). I will not use laptop, I don't really want to build pc right now (but will later, if necessary), so I thought about buying mini pc. I'm thinking MeLE Fanless Mini PC Quieter3Q...
  2. JaccoW

    Show us your Raspberry PIs, Intel NUCs and other mini PCs!

    While some of you are familiar with the Raspberry Pi or its more powerful brother, the Intel NUC, I wonder what people are using in their audio setups. The last few years a large number of mini PC manufacturers has sprung up using anything from 10W chipsets to firebreathing high-end laptop CPUs...
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