1. T

    FS: Meridian DSP5000C digital active center channel speaker, in SoCal/Los Angeles/SF Bay/SD

    These are from Meridian, pioneers in using DSP to take speaker performance to the next level. These have 3 separate amplifiers, one for tweeter and each woofer, and signal-shaping DSP with a linear phase crossover between woofer and tweeter. Phenomenal sound. The only issue is that these...
  2. G

    UPGRADE - Meridian Explorer DAC v1 / Topping D10s + JDS ATOM Amp Headphone

    Hi Folks I recently purchased a JDS Atom amp Headphone and I already have two DACs. 1- Meridian Explorer DAC v1 2- Topping D10s In my little experience and after some testing I found that Meridian sounded better than Topping. I'm using Meridian's fixed output which provides 2v rms (it is a...
  3. Krazywaffle

    Relationship between objective and subjective DAC quality?

    G’day all, Big fan of this forum so wanted to put my current conundrum “out there”. Recently obtained two used USB DACs that are both currently hooked up and being regularly switched for non-blind subjective assessment within my particular system. Subjective DAC test 1: PS Audio Digital Link...
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