1. M

    Topping in a traditional High End system - wow!

    I benefited quite a lot of the information in this forum and Amir's reviews to perform what I consider the ultimate upgrade to my system. Now I want to share my findings hoping that they will be helpful for anybody interested in any of the products I chose. Please be aware that I have a small...
  2. P

    Newbie question about impedance on amplifier > speaker

    Hi. I beg you pardon if i put the topic on the wrong place. I am pretty new to the audiophile world and i am building my rig. So far: Speakers: Polk Audio RTA 8T DAC: Topping E50 Streamer: WiiM streamer Amplificator: Topping LA90D My question is: My speakers are rated 6ohm, 89 db sentisivity...
  3. anphex

    [Poll] What is your experience with the reliability of the Topping LA90D?

    Hi! Since some ongoing discussion in this thread I wanted to create a poll where people could vote and then share their experiences. I have two LA90D in monoblock configuration, figuring these would be the last amps I'd ever need in my lifetime if vented well. Because of the above mentioned...
  4. S

    New Home Theater Setup - AVR/AMP questions

    Hello, all! I just joined the forums and would love to learn more about this world of hi-fi thus I have a few questions. I recently ordered a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000s since I like a lot about them specifically for the place I live in currently. Now, I still haven't bought anything else but...
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