harmonic distortion

  1. P

    Broken Aune X1S?

    Hi all! I've been hearing some strange things lately on out of my Aune X1S. I can't seem to find it inside of ASIO4ALL and there are strange distortion spikes. The first image is my onboard soundcard and the second one is my Aune with the fast filter selected. I just want to know if this could...
  2. pma

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR amplifier module analysis and review

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR module analysis and review After buying and testing AIYIMA A07 amplifier (based on TPA3255 class D chip) in January 2021 I was quite disappointed with the frequency response modulated by speaker complex impedance and its audible consequences. This is, unfortunately...
  3. KeithPhantom

    What are the best/worst driver designs for headphones?

    I have been thinking about headphone drivers/transducers that regardless of frequency response if fixed by EQ (assuming other measurements to be good enough), they became great. One of these examples is the AirPods Max, it is a pretty accomplished driver but its frequency response curve is not...
  4. N

    DMS said that harmonic distortion makes the sound pleasing

    From 4:25 to 5:00 DMS said: "In the recording end things like harmonic distortion is sought after. Some very expensive and well rounded microphones add significant harmonic distortion, then are plugged in through tube amps to power microphones - tube compressors and processed through different...
  5. pkane

    Asking for input on a VST Harmonic Distortion plugin

    Hey folks, asking for your feedback in an informal poll. If you know about my DISTORT software (https://distortaudio.org) you know that it allows an arbitrary harmonic distortion to be constructed and applied to any test signal or a music track of your choice. Some have used this capability...
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