1. B

    Gustard R26 XLR, RCA SQ

    This issue has been touched upon but not precisely, when BOTH XLR and RCA outputs are being used simultaneously…. Setup: XLR out (via converter) to RCA monoblocks, short run, AND RCA out to dual subs with independent gain and crossover control. Audible, unmeasured findings seem that once the...
  2. B

    Bypassing Streamer (Wiim) DAC

    I’m a newbie, to digital, I admit it. I’m confused on digital to digital output and if DA conversion occurs once, twice. I’d like to stream (have a Pro + w the DAC), to my R26 R2R (which I feed to a Levinson preamp via XLR). If I’m running Wiim via say Optical (24/192 vis WiFi), into Gustard...
  3. 0

    Gustard U18 DDC / Musician Audio Pegasus

    I am using the Gustard U18 with a Musician Pegasus DAC. I am using the I2S output on the U18 and the I2S input on the Pegasus. PCM audio seems to work fine, however the left and right channels are swapped while playing DSD audio. I have tried the 4 different modes on the U18 and the 8 different...
  4. zalayetadk

    Building a stack, the technical perspective

    The starting point, a dac and power amp. The power amp is not for discussion here. But, from a technical/measurable perspective will there be any benefits from adding extra devices into the stack. -First choice, an example, If you buy the Gustard x18 dac, xlr out 5V Will there be any benefits...
  5. Dennis_FL

    Help needed on Gustard DAC setup without Receiver

    I currently have the XLR output of the Gustard DAC going to a Buckeye amp and it works well. The way I integrated the sub is with high level (speaker wires) since I don't have a receiver with LFE output and DSP room correction and speaker volume adjustments. I have the sub crossover dialed in...
  6. gustard

    Gustard X26Pro firmware release (F20 beta)

    Changelog: Fixed the noise issue under some Linux based sources. Compatibility optimized. Sound quality reviewed. Reliability improved. Looking forward to getting your feedback.
  7. D

    Finally arrived - Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp

    The long wait is finally over. New Gustard X16 DAC and Topping A90 headphone amp arrived today from ShenzhenAudio in China. Glad to know that the balanced headphone cable from Audiophile Ninja works (had no easy way of testing it before now). So far so good. Not much to say that hasn't...
  8. Tanuki

    Gustard DAC-X16 or SMSL SU-9

    I am in the very spot of upgrading my DAC from Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus, I have narrowed down to these two units, I wonder if I don't care for DSD or MQA, does it make sense to get either of them? Would I be better off with something like a Schiit Modius? Would the DAC-X16 or SU-9 sound...
  9. Matias

    Gustard X16

    Wolf previews the Gustard X16 measurements on his website below.
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