focal elex

  1. Racheski

    FS: Massdrop Focal Elex

    I need to justify my recent purchase of the HD800s, so the Elex are on their way out. They sound great, but I found the cups to be heavy on my ears and uncomfortable with my relatively small head, but many others find them comfortable so YMMV. Price: $535 via Paypal, excluding shipping. I'll...
  2. A

    Focal Elex $500- Sold

    **Price:** $500 Sold **Currency:** USD **Ships to** North America SPECS * Massdrop x Focal * Open-back circumaural design * 40mm full-range dynamic driver with aluminum-magnesium “M”-shaped dome * 20mm-thick perforated microfiber memory...
  3. Zerviscos

    Beyerdynamic T1 Black Ed.(v2) or Focal Elex?

    Looking to expand my headphones, someone is selling me a Beyerdynamic T1 v2 Black edition for around $500. I was originally looking at the Focal Elex for $700(including shipping). Now obviously I can't demo the Focal Elex, while I can demo the T1.2 on Saturday this week. I was wondering, to...
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