1. mikitm

    DACs Reconstruction Filters

    Hi, I've been following this forum for a while and I believe it's one of the best out there for audiophiles and reviews. (25yo from Italy here, sorry for bad english) I was wondering about DACs and something peculiar came to my mind this morning, but first a couple of questions to clarify some...
  2. Saidera

    Consolidation of information on DSD playback pathways

    Perhaps DSD playback as an audiophile practice should be made more transparent, because DSD remains with us and most DACs will support it, even very affordable phone adaptors. What exactly can be achieved by outputting DSD to the DAC, and what will the DAC do to the DSD. Many people using...
  3. sam

    Thing about cables and filters

    I know that the most of the members here laughs first when you hear about the golden cable and the miracle filters. But other than the box like this, most of the other products at least use something gold this and capacitor that. This came up to my mind and was thinking that the measurements...
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