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    DAC Internal or External

    Hope I didn't make a mistake to open a new thread. I have plan to buy Teac DAC for my integrated amplifier which is Accuphase E-280. But also I can add internal DAC card to it. Which one do you recommend? Both are about the same price. Generally in higher class which one is prior internal or...
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    Static noise in headphones when using PC, is an external soundcard the way to go?

    Hello, I've had weird static noise when using headphones on my PC for at least a year or two but it is starting to get really annoying now so would like to sort it out. Currently using a Soundblaster Z internal soundcard, with my Sony MDR-1AM2 or Fidelio X2HR plugged into the headphone jack of...
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    External DAC for my PC with optical

    Hi, So i am not that familiar with these stuff so i rely on those that are. // Background story - START Currently i got an ZxR SoundBlaster in my PC, which i think might be a pretty good card (might be wrong), i just know that there was something with the 48khz in SoundBlaster cards (at least...
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