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    REW measurements and 0dbfs level

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to measure the TempoTec Sonata HD Pro in REW as an example, as I would like to measure some other equipment in the future. System: RPi4, Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye), REW (Java), EMU 0404 USB. The output level is set to maximum, 1kHz tone 0dbfs. The input level is -6...
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    Sub €400 closed-back

    Hi, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. Currently I have the BLAM audio H1, but they are starting to wear out. I am on the fence of buying a pair of AKG K371 or EMU Teak, but I don't want to have a missed opportunity of models i haven't noticed. I do like the sound signature of slightly...
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