1. Breezy

    DTS issue a concern if connecting a CD/DVD player to a stereo receiver via RCA vs Optical?

    I have a Yamaha stereo receiver (R-N303BL) and I'm in the process of attaching a 20-year old (but previously unused) Sony CD/DVD player to it to play audio CDs. (DVP-NS725P). The manual for the Sony CD/DVD player warns about connecting it to receiver via digital cable if playing DTS CDs to...
  2. E

    Blu-ray DTS HD Master Audio content. How to get 2 channel output to preferred DAC.

    I have a few Blu-ray discs that contain 24/96 DTS HD Master Audio content. I want to be able to output the stream to to a quality DAC and then into my 2 channel audio system (much preferred and separate from my Denon AVR-X2700H AV 7.2 receiver). Both my Panasonic HD Blu-ray DP-UB820 and my...
  3. J

    Favorite Surround Sound TV/Film

    It’s been slow, but I’m inching closer to finishing my multichannel setup. I’m really looking forward to Atmos music and hearing how up-mixing stereo music with Auro-3D will be. In the end, it’s all about the experience. On the video side, I’m curious what the community thinks really impresses...
  4. amirm

    It is All Software!

    It is All Software By Amir Majidimehr [Note: this is an article that was published in the Widescreen Review Magazine] OK, it is not all software but most of it is. What am I talking about? I am talking about video! Yes, video. Please don’t flip the page. Let me explain with a bit of...
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