dt990 pro

  1. T

    Advice for Headphone + dac/amp

    Hello everyone! I would like to buy a pair of headphones and a dac/amp. I thought of buying a pair of DT990 Pros and a dac/amp but i read that they're not that good as i knew so i'm here asking for your advice. I would like to spend 300€ (maybe 30€-50 extra if it helps to get something much...
  2. B

    Fiio E10K vs Behringer UMC202HD for DT990 PRO 250 Ohms

    Hey! So I been watching videos and reading a lot on the web. But couldn't find a direct comparison between those two Fiio E10K and Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD. I own both of those devices and can't decide which one to use for music listening and gaming. I don't have a trained ear, but beside...
  3. woolfy

    Is an DAC required to power an AMP?

    Hello, recently I have bought the 250 Ohm version of the DT990, and I have decided that I wanted to buy an Amp and Dac. I was looking to buy the Schiit Magni 3, and Modi 3. But I was wondering if I could just buy the Amp and connect the Amp from Rca to 3.5mm into the back of my PC. What I am...
  4. L

    Is my DT990 Pro (250 ohms) underpowered?

    Hi, Need some help. Pretty much a noob. I recently got my DT990 pro 250ohms. I'm currently using it with my Behringer UMC404HD interface without a headphone amp. I'm noticing that the right driver is clipping (crackling?) at certain frequencies. It happens randomly so I'm not sure about the...
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