1. D

    Best headphones for ASMR and Music

    Hello. Looking for Headphones which accurately can represent recordings from an Neumann KU-100. And don't laugh please, I want my ears caressed :) Also, what I found out is that I couldn't like the recently tested headphone DCA Ether 2. It would not properly do the sub-bass similarly as the...
  2. A

    EQ-ing the 250-ohm Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

    This has been sort of an on-going project for me. So thought I'd start a thread here for sharing and discussing different ideas and approaches on this. Anyone is welcome to participate, and give their own opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. on the subject. Since I'm currently using the 250-ohm...
  3. tinytea

    Searching for the 'missing' piece in <$200 headphones line up to end 2020

    Hello, Nice to meet you and thanks for your time! Introduction/ non-related info to the post subject. Excuse me if I rant here and there. This is basically my first post on ASR so it's somewhat of an introduction post as well...haha...nice to meet you! I am a relative newcomer to the...
  4. E

    Qobuz/Audirvana/ASIO/USB 2.0??

    Hi guys, Just after some advice as the internet is awash with forums saying different things regarding my below query. Most things below have been discussed individually on here but mine is specific to my machine and setup. Hoping someone can advise. I've just bought a Supra 2.0 USB (A-B)...
  5. captainsmart

    To Gain or Not to Gain

    Hi Everyone, I bought a NX4 DSD based on Amir's review and very happy with it. I use it with a DT770 80Ohms. Should I use LOW gain and higher volume? Or High Gain and Lower volume? Thanks
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